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TIP: Bitcoin Bullish and Bearish gains high/low research for gain

In 2011, a self-extensive research of Cryptocurrencies began my journey to take a serious hands-on approach into Bitcoin. The thought was to be part of the build of the virtual monetary ecosystem. Establishing a new concept called a decentralised platform at the time, it meant a new evolution had arrived a digital currency that no government nor sovereign has control over. After four years of productive research, I came to a decision to create an essential non-profit business for the common masses to be part of something special. It was a chance to explain without the technical jargon or confused mathematical algorithms that a created digital cash term we call ones and zeroes were about to become a new currency alongside fiat and commodity entities. Today Bitcoin is a price around $6000.00 - $6670.00 a value still higher than any fiat currency, silver, or gold commodity even though the bearish crypto markets Bitcoin core remains dominant. So in June 2015, I created the first structured understanding of Cryptocurrencies, The Disruptive Industry how people could be part of it all from knowing nothing about Cryptocurrencies willing to learn, adapt, build, and earn Bitcoin and other Alternative coins in the process. I created an FWCA (Free Web Connect Access). Step by step videos, infographics, connections to the Mining companies, Bitcoin Miners, Innovators, Experts and Crypto Entrepreneurs who have made millions in the Disruptive Industry. Two years later the free information of the website has helped many people globally move towards Bitcoin and are now benefiting from the vast basic educational knowledge Cryptocurrency Global Wealth has offered. So I feel that an Altcoin donation page set up for the help and step by step progress is now the time for everyone to donate a little crypto to help advance the next cause and the next step for future interests. Cryptocurrency Global Wealth is moving forward and is part of millions of innovators building the mainstream advance for the global virtual monetary economy. So what I have done is added six Cryptocurrencies to donate to CGW's e-wallet. Every donation counts. All funds will build new and better advancement with Peer 2 Peer and Blockchain Innovation a chance to begin anew to move forward by showing the basics of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other Altcoins about to change the economic, global game in the very near future.

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Getting to know the basics of Cryptocurrencies can set you up financially. The key is research, time, money, growth, risk, and understanding.
Is it a good time to invest into Bitcoin or Altcoins Now? The experts say no it is not the time to spend, even when we see Bitcoin's value around the corner from $6670.00 USD.
If I were just starting out with Cryptocurrencies today, I would be relying on real motives and not so many intellectual forms of presentations, but simplicity in knowledge than buying up the first Altcoin that springs to mind. Honestly, research and a lot of it plays a key factor with billions of web links and connections to everyday cryptocurrency; I am just a speck of millions of creative minds working towards the new evolution of our global financial structure today.
Put it this way, in less than eight years a thought of Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin being the new money structure in digital perfection went from an idea and zeroed profits to over one hundred billion dollars in value today. It is possibly one of, man's biggest achievements and success of the Internet thanks to the "Anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto" Bitcoins creator for bringing this virtual monetary world to life; we call "The Cryptocurrency Ecosystem".
With great success comes significant challenges, flaws, negativity and failure. So what realism plays a material effect into Cryptocurrencies like

1. Bitcoin
2. Ethereum
3. XRP
4. EOS
5. Cardano
6. Litecoin
7. Ethereum Classic
8. Monero
9. Zcash

Computational power called "Hash" and the internet that created the wonders of the mathematical algorithm which produces untold of virtual currencies we call "Ones and Zeroes" today.

A huge difference from six years ago when high risk was every second, every minute, and every hour of the day. Comparison to the bubble of 2013 there is no match at all to the record highs of 2017. Put it this way with large transactions going on the stocks today we see a heavy dump of Bitcoin and massive buy-in of Ethereum 25/07/2017 - what does this mean? A massive dump could mean one thing? Once Segwit x2 begins on the 1st of August, this means microtransactions will be the base reserve currency. Keep an eye out on deflation as we see a breakout. Bitcoin is looking at adding lightning which could burst Bitcoin up to $13,000 by April 2018. Bitcoin could be the reserve by this time we are looking at three trillion dollars in a Market cap for Bitcoin; the market suspects that Bitcoin could be the Global Reserve by $160,000 2024. - $80,000 price by 2020 2019 $40,00 2018 $22000
Experts say we are still a long way to mainstream changes to the fiat currency challenge, the Cryptocurrency Market Cap say otherwise. I believe new technologies and upgrades to Peer 2 Peer Cryptography and The Blockchain is its reality in conjunction to Fintech Innovation with major corporate enterprises jumping onto the crypto bandwagon globally.
So let's go over five Altcoins I believe each could have its market cap of one hundred billion plus in less than a decade from now guaranteed. These Cryptocurrencies could produce thousands of new millionaires within that period. Bitcoin at present has ten thousand plus millionaires and growing rapidly.

So let's put five Altcoins into perspective to give you an understanding of its based integration, and its Cryptocurrency Ecosystem. I recommend you to do your research.

1. Ethereum
I'll start with Ethereum. Ethereum is what we call Bitcoin 2.0 many top analysts say, That it's Blockchain ecosystem effect is what has brought this technology to value in a short space of time. Since its launch onto the internet in July 2015 by creator and founder Vitalek Buterin (Russian Programmer) the Ultimate Genius (The Whiz Kid of the 21st Century), Ethereums market cap has built an alarming $31,496,465,784 billion in under two years and growing.
Ethereum valued at $340.96 USD innovation which is only going to surge more, as we see one and zeroes in this camp about to multiply and rise like many start-up companies for example Humaniq.

2. Ripple (XRP)
Did you know Ripple was established back in 2004 five years before Bitcoin released its whitepaper in 2009?
Ripple is a Global Commerce enabling intrinsic value to its opportunity, working with banks globally to increase efficiency in its payment process. Create differentiated products and services for their customers. One simple integration, Ripple provides instant access to its growing global network, ONC (Opening New Corridors) and RGUC's (Revenue-Generating Use Cases). Its Ripple Solution
(Cross-Border Payments); which is called The Ripple Connect is a direct response coordinating information exchange between banks. Its ILP uses the Interledger Protocol using its SWIFT/ISO messaging to settlement a secure way when transactions sent over the XRP protocol system. Ripples market cap has now grown to over ten billion with its XRP price at $0.262641 USD. You can say Ripple is a reliever to sustain e-commerce value for Banks in transactions and its cyber security protocol of the 21st Century and beyond.

3. EOS $5.66 15/10/2018 EOS has been a battler over the past ten months even though bearish cycles of the crypto markets continue, EOS still shines by adding structure to scalable, flexible, and usable developments. June 1st 2018 EOS moved to its independent Blockchain structure, it become an independent decentralised platform. Still it came with flaws and new challenges, beta testing and new development in all areas of EOS Blockchain means secure and strong business in hte near future.

4. Litecoin since its launch in 2011 has become a prominent figure in the world of Altcoins. Six years later it is a leader making a statement against competitive Cryptocurrencies. Today its value is a shy over $30.00 USD, but the perfect thing about Litecoin is its Decentralised ledger on the Blockchain, payments quickly verified no matter where you are transacting around the world to anyone instantly. Its greatest concept is knowing that its fees are considered the lowest against any credit card facilities, traditional banks, even competitive digital merchant processing exchanges who already have low prices. Litecoin transactions take a matter of seconds for the buyer to seller globally and are quickly recorded permanently on its Blockchain for verification. With it market cap at 1.5 Billion dollars USD, we could see this Altcoin become as famous as Bitcoin in the very near future.

5. Ethereum Classic
What is Ethereum Classic? An insider conflict between core development and Ethereum's original Founders, after the DAO attack mid last year, lost Ethereum millions of dollars. It caused a centred split between Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, a hard fork attempt to undo the damage done by the DAO attack was too late. Ethereum Classic continued with Ethereum's original ideologies. Ethereum Classic felt a hard fork to destroy any transaction went against the blockchain immutability. When the Ethereum Foundation hard-forked, their protocol to retrieve stolen funds, formed a community of Ethereum miners and users, to keep the original Blockchain operational. Ethereum Classic released a declaration of independence and split from the Ethereum Founders to continue on its original path. A road of cyber destruction brought relief to the escapade. It kept Ethereum Classic moving. The further development of Ethereum Classic into an ISCP (Independent Smart Contract Platform), The Ethereum Classic Development team, is focused on the next network upgrade, making sure another DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) Attack prevented.
Ethereum Classic is a continuation of the original Ethereum Blockchain, the classic version preserving untampered history; free from external interference and subjective tampering of present and future transactions.
Ethereum Classic valued at $18.65 USD with a market cap of 1.724 Billion dollars.

Experts from global financial media like Reuters, CNBC, MSNBC, BBC, The Guardian, Bloomberg, and other sources online cryptocurrency alternative media, have come to terms, we are now a society advanced when it comes to simplicity of digital innovation, in hardware and software. The quantum mechanics of daily life, intangible crypto money and culture is becoming a reality we are living today.