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TIP: Bitcoin Bullish and Bearish gains high/low research for gain
Since 2010 an abundant of cryptocurrencies have launched making it standard practise to be a part of physical mining, or cloud mining.
Today's Mining rig equipment is the 21st century digitally mining for Bitcoin, Altcoin, and Scryptcoin. Today 70% of all mining equipment is sold directly from China. Meaning cashing in on 100% owned mining rigs giving Bitcoin and Altcoin Entrepreneurs a lucrative way to build a business in Cryptocurrency.
The evidence of building this new wealth development is simple.
By sharing views and insight here, will have direct sources daily cryptocurrency news via Bitcoin. News, CCNLA, and Coindesk Cryptocurrency updated online media via The community and The Grid.Ai.
When Bitcoin came on to the market in 2009 it was currently worth 000.0097 US cents - (worthless) at the time it took Bitcoin under two years to make its first $1.00...
The advantage, technicality, algorithm, and mathematical mining rigs giving Bitcoin Miners, the most significant patch of wealth, a well known digital haven than Gold and other tangible commodities at present.
Why because it is a digital accreditation created by mathematical, algorithm, a virtual platform that relies on mining Bitcoin or other suited Altcoins or Scryptcoins made available with POS (Proof of Stake) & (Proof of Works). Don't be fooled by claims that say they are the next big Bitcoin Cryptocurrency until they have a POS/POW (Proof of Stake/Works) they are just an image only. To find out more about Bitcoin Mining visit the most significant site in the world to buy Bitcoin Mining Equipment from Bitmain.















What is Bitmain? Bitmain is the world's leader when it comes to actually mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, or any other Altcoins it is the place to buy your mining equipment from.. paid only in Bitcoin transaction only.
How does mining work? First of all, there are hundreds of tutorial videos online for Bitcoin mining and you need to do your homework and thorough research which takes time... it has personally taken me two years to process (still learning) and a good grasp of how operations work when mining Bitcoin.
To give you an idea and a place to start here are the principle keywords to google and start your research from... Secure Hash Algorithm, SHA-1, SHA-256 Hash, Antminer, Antpool, GPU, CPU, GUIMiner, CGMiner, Bitmain Bitcoin Mining Equipment, Bitcoin Forums, Bitcoin Communities, some keywords to get your research started.

Bitmain is apparently setting a very ambitious goal of their new miner called AntMiner R4 and that goal is to bring back home mining of Bitcoin. What they are doing in order to get home miners’ attention is trying to make the miner more compact and less noisy while still managing to provide quite a serious hash rate rated at 8.6 THS with just about 845 W of power usage. What will make the most difference for home users, however, is the price of the new miner and if it is not right, then why would you bring one or even more of these home, guess we’ll know in a few days as sales start at 23:00 (GMT+8) on 29 August when we’ll probably also get an idea about the price of the device.

Ok! so for all you noobs out there interested in building and mining Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin or other Altcoins I added a Mining Tutorial tab... video information on how to mine ethereum There are three main Youtube channels to follow which will give you thorough knowledge insight, self-tutorial, building Mining Rig frames, video cards, the system, cooling fans, software and more this will connect you to further information, websites, and the professional Miners and Forums themselves.
Also get familiar with Crypto Mining Blog direct connection and information building mining equipment. Click on the link to connect you.

Mining Video Tutorials
For Bitmain Bitcoin Mining Equipment click on the Antminer Mining Rig image below

Understanding Core Mining Of Crypto

The idea is simple to show people of interest why it is important to understand Bitcoin and The Blockchain, this is a basic blueprint of what every interest should know, the history of Bitcoin, why the founder is still anonymous today, the volatile of Bitcoin daily since it's launch to the Stock-market.

The Pros and Cons of Cryptocurrency knowing real value, real business, and legitimate people.
Getting to know your gut instinct when it comes to Ponzi schemes, and bogus businesses, how to be aware of what you do especially when a large sum of money is concerned.

Being part of the "Bitcoin Community" to be involved with the latest articles, blogs, the stock market, real Bitcoin Miners and their operations, business, mining farms, there basic strategies with Bitcoin Mining, Altcoin Mining, and Scryptcoin Mining.

How to build your own scryptcoin mining rigs, from it physical CPU/GPU hard drives and video cards, understanding your raw mining of cryptocurrency what platform to use, electricity consumption, firewall security, what is SHA7 and other simple abbreviations to know for Physical Mining.

What to know about Cloud Mining the risks and advantages of having, what are the best reputable Bitcoin Merchants start-up companies to build your business with, and which companies to stay well away from.

And Facts! Trust is the biggest concern in Cryptocurrency, Why? Because it is money, a decentralized monetary system moving the world in leaps and bounds.

Why it is important to understand the concept of Cryptocurrency from Technology Experts, Financial and Entrepreneurs working towards their goals and dreams to Keep Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency a currency owned by the people not sovereign nor government.